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What are the Benefits of ActivSalesAgent?

What are the Benefits of ActivSalesAgent?

You may not know that hundreds of visitors to your website are leaving without contacting you.

Now you can reach in and grab those visitors using ActivSalesAgent’s online chat solution to extend a virtual "meet and greet" to every one of your website visitors.

Here are a couple of reasons why ActivSalesAgent is your choice for online chat:

  •   Only chat software designed by real estate professionals
  •   Complete leading edge website statistics are included
  •   Professionally trained staff dedicated to your development
  •   Leads from your office have the highest closing ratio out of all lead sources
  •   You can leverage your partnership and have the chat window sponsored

When choosing your online chat software there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you are getting the best product and service for your office. As technology improves you want to have a flexible provider that works with your office as your needs change. At ActivSalesAgent, our chat software will not only meet your needs for today, but also for the future. We are constantly developing new tools for our chat software. Not only do we want to be the best in the business, but the best in the world! This, combined with our multiple service levels, allows your office to change packages easily, ensuring your have the right chat application for your office at all times.

Here are a couple of reasons why ActivSalesAgent is your choice for online chat:

  •   Statistical information of each of your website users not only is important, it helps you to fine tune your marketing and improve how people use your website.
  •   Ability to proactively engage a visitor with a customizable pop up message that you can change on the fly to meet the individual website buyer's needs.
  •   The ability to translate 16 different languages to meet the needs of your buyers. Even though your staff may not speak Spanish some of your website visitors will and with real time translation of your chats you will be able to speak with your website visitors in their native language building trust and rapport with each chat.
  •   Pop Graphic customization- the last thing you want is the exact same pop up graphic as your competitor. So you have the freedom and flexibility to tailor your live chat look to match your branding and message.

Information is potential power and combined with our highly trained chat staff that information is translated into a lead generation machine for your office. Our trained staff collect vital information on over 90% of the people that engage in chat on your website translating into more leads for your office with the highest closing ratio.

Here are some examples of ActivSalesAgent in action

  •   Reduce Website Abandonment Many surveys report over 99% of website shoppers abandon websites before taking any action. The worst part of this is that your website provider can't tell you why. ActivsalesAgent reduces abandonment by talking with your website visitors just as if they walked into your sales center, assisting them at every turn of their website experience. Engaging and responding in real time is what maks ActivSalesAgnet the only service in the industry to help you get the most out of your existing website traffic, without spending additional marketing dollars
  •   Identify Prospects by Specific Keywords ActivSalesAgent can be used to monitor referrals to your website and offer customized chat invitations based on specific keywords in search engines and online advertisements. Get the most out of your pay-per-click advertising. Instantly invite prospects to learn more about their particular search with a personalized chat invitiation. This feature puts the right message at just the right time in front of your website visitor.
  •   Invite Shoppers to Chat Based on Proprietary Business Logic ActivSalesAgent can also be used to gauge shoppers' interest in a residence by keeping count of the number of times the shopper has visited certain pages and the amount of time spent on those pages. Then provide your shopper with a message that will engage them and help to move them from casual website visitor into a potential buyer. Our proprietary business logic is tested and proven to enhance and maximize your website results.

If you are ready to get started today just click the GET STARTED button and select which package is right for your office and ActivSalesAgent will contact you immediately to begin helping to move your website from just an informational billboard to a live selling platform.