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What Gains Can You Expect?

What Gains Can You Expect?

Capture More Buyers

One of the cornerstones to a successful real estate office is to convert casual shopper into active buyers. In today’s multimedia world, over 90% of potential homebuyer start their search on the web. We also know that about 65% of the clients will use the first agent they make active contact with to complete their transaction.


Our goal is to not only obtain as much information as possible, but to also have this now prospect stop browsing the internet.

Get More Listings

With ActivSalesAgent on your side you will be able to make a compelling argument for clients to use your firm for their selling needs. In most cases, the seller can benefit from a slightly lower commission when the agent / agency controls both side of the transaction. By including ActivSalesAgent as a part of your presentation to prospective sellers you will be able to differentiate yourself by your marketing strategy and educate them about how you will leverage the internet to sell their home.

If you are ready to get started to today just click the GET STARTED button and select which package is right for your office and ActivSalesAgent will contact you immediately to begin helping to move your website from just an informational billboard to a live selling platform.