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How Does It Work?

How does ActivSalesAgent work?

Our proprietary technology tracks each of your website visitors complete visit to an incredible detailed level.

By now you know the potential of using online chat to increase the leads from your office website. Our proprietary technology tracks each of your website visitors complete website visit to an incredible detailed level. As we capture this information it is reported in real-time to our team of chat agents to help them engage and efficiently communicate with each visitor creating a one on one more personalized chat experience.

Here are just a couple of the items that we track:

      Website visitor keywords This powerful information will help you define what keywords are producing results for your office and which ones are not. This one feature will save you thousand of dollars per year in wasted SEM marketing.

      Website Visitor Click Paths ActivSalesAgent helps you not only see how many visitors you had to your website but what they looked at and for how long. Our proprietary website statistical information will help you determine common paths buyers take on your website marketing messages for the greatest impact of more sales leads.

      Search Engine Analysis Find out which search engines and websites are driving traffic to your office website. Turn this into more leads by leveraging these sites even more with unique marketing messages and opportunities.

      Geo-Targeting Our online chat software will track and display each of your website visitors on a map in real time so you can see where every visitor on your website is located. This allows you to tweak your offline marketing to translate into more online buyers and sales.

Donít waste another dollar on Internet marketing until you have the proper statistics to back it up. Only ActivSalesAgent can deliver you this information in real time. This is just one more reason why ActivSalesAgent will bring more leads into your office this month. By now you see the power of using ActivSalesAgent to enable a live conversation on your website, while providing detailed website visitor information giving you a competitive edge.

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