Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what ActivSalesAgent can do for your real estate office with this helpful FAQ

What is ActivSalesAgent? ActivSalesAgent offers some of the easiest to use, and most powerful tools you can utilize for your office. We offer advanced “chat” services which enable to you identify, initiate interaction and communicate with customers visiting your website, all in real-time. It is that essential person-to-person “Meet & Greet” that you require in real estate and now it can be done on your website for the thousands of visitors you have each month. It is the edge that you need to be more competitive with customers browsing for information, because it starts building a personal relationship with your customers from the moment they hit your site.
Can I do the chats myself
using ActivSalesAgent’s
Of course! There are three levels of service from ActivSalesAgent. ActivSite™, which allows users at the store to identify and interact in real-time with their website visitors. And there is ActivConcierge™, the premier tool from ActivSalesAgent for acquiring more leads from your website. With ActivConcierge, our team handles everything for you. There is no need to train or manage a staff. In fact, you do not need to alter your process in any way. And, each time that we chat with one of your visitors, we will send the lead immediately and directly to your CRM/ILM where it will show as a new lead from ActivSalesAgent. Now, you will have all the information you need to continue the relationship with your customer that we have started. The name, email and comments will all be parsed into your management tool. As well, we will include the entire transcript of the conversation.
What type of information do
you see when a customer is
on my website?
When visitors land on your website, on any page, you can see:

  • The domain name of the company they are browsing from.
  • How long they have been on your site
  • The pages that they have been to, and in what order
  • How long they have spent on each page
  • If they came from a paid search or a free search
  • If they have been to your site before
  • Any chats that they may have had previously
  • If they have chatted previously, you can identify that customer by name

And much more ...
Does ActivSalesAgent
integrate with our CRM?
Absolutely! Each lead will be transferred directly into your CRM/ILM with all the information gathered during the conversation. The Name, Email, Phone and other information will all be parsed directly into your system through ADF/XML. We even send you the full transcript. And, we send it immediately after the conversation is complete. If you combine this with ActivConnect™, you can be speaking directly with a customer on the phone within about 2-minutes of them chatting with us!
How do I get the leads that
ActivSalesAgent generates?
ActivSalesAgent transfers its leads to your system through ADF/XML. As well, we send a plain text email to you at an alternative location to be sure that you do get the lead immediately in a format you can use.
What information does
ActivSalesAgent’s chat reps
Our experts are able to collect and build a rich profile of the prospect while engaged in chat. Some of the items we collect are Name, Email and Phone information from your chatting visitors approximately 80% of the time. We capture two of the three items about 93% of the time and more!
I only get about 1,000
visitors to our website, will
ActivSalesAgent still make
an impact?
Positively! If you only had 1000 customers come into your office each month, would you determine that there is no need for salespeople? ActivSalesAgent offers you a sales force for your website. People come to your virtual office. We meet & greet and address their needs so that you can sell more homes. It is that simple.